Welcome to the Uneven Double Stars project

The purpose of this wiki was to help Sissy Haas with her project of finding the minimum aperture needed to split uneven double stars. This project was described with great details in September 2012 issue of Sky&Telescope. Basically, she wants to determine the right formula giving the telescope aperture needed to split double stars, especially when the components are not the same magnitude. If you participate in her project, this site will help you finding the stars, especially if you don't have GOTO attached to your telescope.

I proposed myself to help Sissy with her project by building this wiki. She needs help from amateur astronomers to build an asset of observations that will give her actual data to support a better formula than the well-known one from Rev. William R. Dawes.

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Please be sure to visit Bill Boublitz's website: Haas Binary Star Observing Project for more information and resolution reports for those test pairs.


-- Normand Rivard